Made by Us, For You, in the USA

Keeping our supply chain as local as possible is important to us. You’ll find many items made in USA in our store. Other pieces come from countries known for making some of the best bedding products.

Bedding Store Pillow Hayward Wisconsin

Our comforters, sleeping pillows, sheeting, decorative pillow inserts, and most of our decorative top of bed pillows are either designed by us and made for us in the USA or are products sourced by us which are made in the USA. Now, in fairness of full disclosure, many items which go into the construction of our items are sourced from around the globe such as fabrics and trims. 

And while several items in our store aren’t made in USA, you will find those items are produced in countries with long standing reputations for making the best products in those categories. Think matelasses from Portugal and long staple cotton sheeting from India. 

Freshly Made Bed has long standing relationships with our workrooms. We’ve toured many of them which help us stay nimble and confident with customers in our product offerings.